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School of Christian Counseling

The School of Christian Counseling offers a Certificate, the Bachelor of Arts, the Master of Arts, and the Doctor of Philosophy. We train ministers, counselors, and lay persons in effective Christian biblical counseling. All our programs equip counselors with recognized techniques, methods, and insights needed to minister to individuals. All our degrees can be earned from anywhere in the world.

There is great need for counselors who understand the power of Scripture to heal broken lives. All our programs therefore begin with the foundation of biblical principles in the application of counseling therapies. 

Many licensed professional counselors have felt the need to expand their training to include Christian Biblical Counseling. Louisiana Baptist University recommends that graduate students pursue membership in professional counseling organizations. Graduating students may obtain membership in the American Association of Christian Counselors, as well as other organizations.

Certificate Programs

The School of Christian Counseling offers two certificates: Christian Life Coaching and Christian Counseling. These certificate programs are designed for those who want to increase their witness and ministry effectiveness through biblical counseling without completing a degree program.

The curriculum consists of ten college-level courses that you complete at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Our program will increase your capacity to study Scripture, to share the Gospel, and to minister within your church.

The cost for the entire program is $2400, which is payable over time. Upon completion of the program, you may participate in our annual commencement ceremony. Those who decide to pursue a degree have the option to transfer all thirty credit hours into a bachelor program paying an alignment fee.

The Certificate in Christian Life Coaching is for those who are in a ministry of personal and group discipleship who want to better understand the biblical approach to success. 

  • Introduction to Christian Life Coaching
  • Principles of Christian Life Coaching
  • Communication Skills for Christian Life Coaching
  • Christian Marriage Life Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching for Christian Life Coaches
  • Christian Leadership Coaching
  • Christian Ethics in Life Coaching
  • Readings in Spiritual Formation
  • Individual Christian Life Coaching
  • Supervision and Assessment

The Certificate in Christian Counseling is for those who want to improve their counseling abilities without pursuing a degree in the field.

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Bible Atlas
  • Foundations for Christian Counseling
  • Introduction to Christian Counseling
  • Innovative Approaches to Counseling I
  • Innovative Approaches to Counseling II
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Counseling the Depressed
  • Soul Talk

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling degree prepares you to explore the mind-body-spirit connection. You will be introduced to various aspects of Christian counseling from a biblical perspective so that you can better minister to people. You will grow in your own personal and spiritual life as you encounter the basic skills of the multi-faceted aspects of Christian counseling.

Recommended for those called to a ministry of counseling either within the local church or as part of a professional counseling practice. You will study Bible and theology to form a foundation. Then you will develop specific counseling skills within the concentration courses. The electives will allow you to study a specialty within the discipline of counseling. A minor can be earned when a minimum of fifteen credit hours are completed in a particular discipline.


Orientation: 3 Hours


General Studies Requirements: 30 Hours

         English I

         English II

         Literature Elective

         Fundamentals of Speech

         History Elective

         History Elective

         Science Elective

         Science Elective

         Social Studies Elective

         Social Studies Elective


Bible Requirements: 36 Hours

         Old Testament Survey

         New Testament Survey


         Personal Evangelism

         Systematic Theology I

         Systematic Theology II

         Major and Minor Prophets

         Wisdom Literature

         The Four Gospels

         The General Epistles

         Pauline Epistles

         Acts of the Apostles


Counseling Requirements: 21 Hours

         Foundations for Christian Counseling

         Introduction to Counseling

         Innovative Approaches to Counseling I

         Innovative Approaches to Counseling II

         Biblical Counseling

         The Biblical Counselor

         Spirit Controlled Temperament


Counseling Electives: 12 Hours

Free Electives: 12 Hours

Graduation Workshop: 3 Hours

Global Missional Experience: 3 Hours


Total Degree Requirements: 120 Hours

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling is designed for students who would like to practice counseling in a church or in para-church organizations. You will use Christ-centered, Scripture-based counseling to learn more about such topics as problems of self-control, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger, divorce, and more. You will gain a clear understanding of the sufficiency of Scripture to effectively minister to people who are hurting.

The curriculum combines core requirements with the flexibility to pursue particular interests through electives and a capstone project. Your advisor will work within these parameters to meet your academic needs and vocational goals.


Counseling Requirements: 9 Hours

         Theology of Biblical Counseling

         Human Development

         Psychotherapy I

         Psychotherapy II



Counseling Electives: 12 Hours

Graduation Workshop: 3 Hours

Global Missional Experience: 3 Hours

Total Degree Requirements: 36 Hours

Doctoral Degree

The Ph.D. in Christian Counseling is designed for students who want to take an in-depth look at biblical principles and strategies to counsel in ministry contexts. You will develop a biblical approach to counseling in areas such as the sick and terminally ill, the adult children of alcoholics, children, before marriage, and more. Using Scripture, you will discover the solution to people’s brokenness and lack of hope. You will analyze the latest research, theories, and successful practice methods to facilitate effective client change to grow in Christlikeness.

The Ph.D. is the highest academic degree that can be earned at the institution. Therefore, the University demands an excellence in scholarship that includes the appropriate academic background including a minimum of fifteen earned credit hours in graduate level counseling.


The self-directed portion of the program promotes personal growth through independent research and a wide variety of learning initiatives including directed research projects, approved readings, carefully monitored practicums, and cooperative learning experiences. The program culminates in an original work representing a significant contribution in the field of study.


Counseling Requirements: 15 Hours


         Nouthetic Counseling I

         Nouthetic Counseling II

         Nouthetic Counseling III

         Biblical Counseling Therapies I

         Biblical Counseling Therapies II


Counseling Electives: 15 Hours

Applied Research Studies: 9 Hours

Dissertation: 15 Hours

Graduation Workshop: 3 Hours

Global Missional Experience: 3 Hours


Total Degree Requirements: 60 Hours

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Dr. Mark Conn


Mark Conn is the Vice President of LBU and divides his time between Shreveport and the picturesque Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri. With a career spanning over three decades in higher education, Mark has helped shape the minds and hearts of countless ministry students. His teaching portfolio encompasses a range of subjects, including Bible studies, Biblical Prophecy, Christian Ministry, Cultural Engagement, and Pastoral Studies. One of his foremost passions lies in guiding students to wrestle with the authentic message of the Bible, steering them away from interpretations based in cultural tradition. Mark is a sought-after contributor to various international publications, as well as radio programs and podcasts. His insights span an array of topics, from biblical prophecy to the intricate interplay between faith and culture, and even the enigmatic supernatural aspects within the pages of the Bible. In addition to his work in education, he has dedicated a significant portion of his career to church revitalization. Over the years he has worked with churches of various sizes and cultural settings to help them overcome challenges and reinvigorate their congregations. As a consultant in church revitalization, he has helped churches identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for growth, and implement effective outreach programs. He believes God’s desire is for every church to thrive, and he is committed to helping them fulfill the Great Commission. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mark boasts a diverse range of interests including writing, technology, cooking, old car restomodding, overlanding in a modified Jeep WJ, and embraces the title of a “coffee snob.”

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