The LBU application and enrollment process is streamlined, simple and best of all, it is free.  Below you will find the steps to officially becoming part of the LBU family.

APPLICAtion/enrollment process

1. Fill out and submit the online request for a free evaluation.

     - Upload previous (unofficial) college transcripts in the evaluation form.

     - Once we receive your request, we will evaluate your previous education and professional experience compared to            the program you wish to pursue.

     - The admissions team will present you with exactly what you will need to complete your desired program with LBU.

2. Sign and return the financial agreement and all necessary documents included in the evaluation packet.

3. Pay the $200 down payment

4. Once all forms and the down payment have been received, official enrollment will be complete.  

5. Welcome to Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary!

6. Additional information at

7. If you are interested in enrolling, click for a free evaluation.