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Certificate Programs

The School of Biblical Studies educates those called to vocational ministry as well as individuals pursuing other professions who want to study Bible, theology, and ministry.

Ministry for Today’s Churches

In LBU’s School of Biblical Studies and Theology, you’ll learn biblical truths and relevant skills that will empower you to fulfill your ministry calling. You’ll gain a strong theological foundation, learn to lead others in their faith journey, and actively participate in ministry as a student. Our renowned faculty integrate biblical insights and ministerial skills into every class, and you’ll interact with many of the country’s most influential ministry leaders.

Earning a ministry & theology degree from Louisiana Baptist University gives you the training you need to serve in the types of ministry jobs that are most needed in the local church. As a Christian university, Louisiana Baptist University has trained transformative church and ministry leaders since our founding in 1973. Equipping and supporting the church and Christ’s mission is what we do. You are the future of the Christian faith, and we are committed to equipping you to lead, influence and guide the church toward growth and life-changing ministries.

Certificate Programs

The certificate programs are designed for those with little to no formal Christian education who want to increase their witness and ministry effectiveness without completing a degree program.

The certificate provides a foundational education in Bible and theology or in a ministry field. You will study college-level courses in a program designed for Christian laymen, and you can complete each course at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The ten-course program will increase your capacity to study Scripture, to share the Gospel, and to minister within your church.

The Certificate in Church Ministry provides foundational biblical, teaching, counseling, and administration training through courses like Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Teaching the Bible, Biblical Counseling, and Church Administration for those involved in teaching ministries or church leadership roles, while recommending at least a bachelor’s degree for those pursuing full-time ordained vocational ministry.

The Certificate in Christian Life Coaching provides ministry leaders and discipleship counselors with a biblical foundation in life coaching skills and practices through courses like Introduction to Christian Life Coaching, Communication Skills for Christian Life Coaching, Christian Marriage Life Coaching, Christian Leadership Coaching, Christian Ethics in Life Coaching, Readings in Spiritual Formation, Individual Christian Life Coaching, and Supervision and Assessment.

The School of Christian Counseling offers two certificates: Christian Life Coaching and Christian Counseling. These certificate programs are designed for those who want to increase their witness and ministry effectiveness through biblical counseling without completing a degree program.

 The curriculum consists of ten college-level courses that you complete at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Our program will increase your capacity to study Scripture, to share the Gospel, and to minister within your church.

The cost for the entire program is $2400, which is payable over time. Upon completion of the program, you may participate in our annual commencement ceremony. Those who decide to pursue a degree have the option to transfer all thirty credit hours into a bachelor program.

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Dr. Mark Conn


Mark Conn is the Vice President of LBU and divides his time between Shreveport and the picturesque Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri. With a career spanning over three decades in higher education, Mark has helped shape the minds and hearts of countless ministry students. His teaching portfolio encompasses a range of subjects, including Bible studies, Biblical Prophecy, Christian Ministry, Cultural Engagement, and Pastoral Studies. One of his foremost passions lies in guiding students to wrestle with the authentic message of the Bible, steering them away from interpretations based in cultural tradition. Mark is a sought-after contributor to various international publications, as well as radio programs and podcasts. His insights span an array of topics, from biblical prophecy to the intricate interplay between faith and culture, and even the enigmatic supernatural aspects within the pages of the Bible. In addition to his work in education, he has dedicated a significant portion of his career to church revitalization. Over the years he has worked with churches of various sizes and cultural settings to help them overcome challenges and reinvigorate their congregations. As a consultant in church revitalization, he has helped churches identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for growth, and implement effective outreach programs. He believes God’s desire is for every church to thrive, and he is committed to helping them fulfill the Great Commission. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mark boasts a diverse range of interests including writing, technology, cooking, old car restomodding, overlanding in a modified Jeep WJ, and embraces the title of a “coffee snob.”


mconn@lbu.edu | (318) 686-2360