school of christian education

Welcome to the school of Christian Education. Teaching is among the highest and honorable professions an individual can pursue. If you are looking for a solid biblical foundation for a career in education, you are in the right place. It would be my honor to assist you in becoming the teacher and leader God is calling you to be. Please feel free to contact me at 318.686.2360 or


Serving Christ, Serving you,

Steven G. Lawrence, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Christian Education

School of christian education

The purpose of the Christian Education department is to prepare students for service in elementary and secondary private and Christian schools in teaching, administration, and supervision.  As a candidate for a degree in the School of Christian Education, students will accrue a knowledge of God and His Word and obtain a well-balanced liberal arts education while developing a level of mastery of the knowledge and skills of teaching and educational leadership.


At the center of the education program at LBU is the knowledge that all truth and wisdom come from God. Students will discover the philosophical differences between biblically based education and the humanistic philosophy and techniques used in progressive education.


At the master’s level, students will avail themselves of advanced study and scholarship designed to comprehensively equip the educator, supervisor, or administrator.


At the doctoral level, educational leaders will engage in projects that call for both academic research and practical application. The program culminates in an original work, representing a significant contribution in the field of study. The academic challenges of this degree program require that the applicant have at least a Masters degree with the appropriate foundation in the discipline the applicant is seeking. The person admitted to our PhD program must have the initiative, self-discipline and the research skills necessary to succeed in such a program.




  • A.A. Christian Education
  • B.A. Christian Education (elementary or secondary education)
  • M.A. Christian Education
  • D.B.S. Biblical Education and Leadership
  • Ph.D. Christian Education Administration