Welcome to the Counseling Department!  My dedication is assisting you, and enabling you to build a solid biblical foundation in which to apply God’s truth as you help others in your counseling ministry, and everyday life situations and relationships.  If you have any questions, you can personally reach me at 318-686-2360.  Just ask for me – Dr. Jay.  I will be glad to assist you.

Dr. Jay Foster

Dean of the School of Christian Counseling

School of christian counseling

The School of Christian Counseling is designed to train ministers, counselors, and lay persons in effective Christian Biblical Counseling.  Christian Biblical Counseling in churches, schools, and Christian counseling centers is a great need.  The program is designed to equip counselors with recognized techniques, methods, and insights as we minister to individuals.  Special foundational importance is given to the use of biblical principles in the application of counseling therapies.  Many Licensed Professional Counselors have felt the need to expand their training to include Christian Biblical Counseling.


The Counseling Department offers certificate programs for those who are interested in receiving foundational education in a selected area of instruction without pursuing a degree in the field of study.  Each certificate program contains five courses: the selected areas of instruction include Basic Christian Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling, and a Certificate in Christian Life Coaching led by a dual certified Life Coach.

The Christian Counseling degree program offers Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Doctor of Biblical Studies in Biblical Counseling, and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs. 

Bachelor of arts in christian counseling

Now offered with a double major in biblical studies

The student’s prescribed course of study is as follows:

  • General Education Requirements (32)
  • Orientation (2)
  • English (12)
  • English Composition I (3)
  • English Composition II (3)
  • American Literature (3)
  • Public Speech/English Lit (3)
  • History (6)
  • U.S. History I (3)
  • U.S. History II     (3)
  • Math/Science Electives (6)
  • Social Studies Electives (6)
  • Counseling Requirements (33)
  • Foundations for Christian Counseling (3)
  • Introduction to Psychology (3)
  • Inn. Approaches to Counseling I (3)
  • Inn. Approaches to Counseling II (3)
  • Biblical Counseling for Every Christian (3)
  • Nouthetic Counseling I (3)
  • Counseling the Depressed & Anxious (3)
  • Counseling Self-Esteem (3)
  • Counseling and Guilt (3)
  • Counseling for Depression & Suicide (3)
  • Soul Talk (3)
  • Bible Requirements (30)
  • Old Testament Survey (3)
  • New Testament Survey (3)
  • Personal Evangelism (3)
  • The Four Gospels (3)
  • Ecclesiology/Soteriology (3)
  • The Bible: From the Heat of God to Man (3)
  • Apologetics (3)
  • Acts of the Apostles (3)
  • Introduction to the Revelation (3)
  • Hermeneutics (3)
  • Electives Related to Major (9)
  • Graduation Workshop (3)
  • Electives (21)


Total number of hours - 128

master of arts in christian counseling

If your calling is Counseling, Pastoring, or you simply desire to be more effective as a lay counselor, you may wish to pursue the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling. 


Counseling Courses (choose 11 of the following courses) 36 Hours

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (3)
  • Group Counseling (3)
  • A Theology of Biblical Counseling (3)
  • Essentials of Cognitive Assessment (3)
  • Counseling for Problems of Self-Control (3)
  • Counseling for Substance Abuse & Addiction (3)
  • Ethnicity, Families and Counseling (3)
  • Counseling for Anger (3)
  • Counseling and Divorce (3)
  • Marriage and Family Counseling (3)
  • Human Development (3)
  • Spirituotherapy (3)
  • Psychotherapy I (3)
  • Psychotherapy II (3)
  • Counseling in Times of Crisis (3)
  • Adolescent Psychology (3)
  • Career Counseling (3)
  • Practicum in Counseling (3)
  • Cooperative Education (3)
  • Thesis (Required) (6)
  • Graduation Workshop (3)


Total number of hours - 36



A 45-hour Doctoral Degree in Biblical Counseling.

The student’s prescribed course of study in the Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree is as follows:


  • Graduation Workshop (3)
  • Applied Research (3)
  • Readings in Biblical (Counseling) Studies (3)
  • Biblical Counseling Electives (27)
  • Dissertation Project (9)


Total number of hours - 45

doctor of philosophy in christian counseling

The Ph.D. is the highest academic degree that can be earned at the institution. Therefore, the University demands an excellence in scholarship which includes the ability to execute effective independent research. 


All Applied Research, Readings, Practicums, or Cooperative Education must be approved research projects or experiences that fall within the parameters of the field of study. The program culminates in an original work representing a significant contribution in their field of study.

The self-directed portion of the program promotes personal growth through independent research and a wide variety of learning initiatives offered in the program, including directed research projects, approved readings, carefully monitored practicums and cooperative learning experiences.

The academic challenges of this degree program require that the applicant have at least a Masters degree with the appropriate foundation in the discipline the applicant is seeking. The person admitted to our PhD program must have the initiative, self-discipline and the research skills necessary to succeed in such a program.



  • Advanced Study of Nouthetic Counseling (3)
  • Study of Nouthetic Counseling II (3)
  • Study of Nouthetic Counseling III (3)
  • Counseling the Sick & Terminally Ill (3)
  • Counseling Adult Children of Alcoholics (3)
  • Counseling and Children (3)
  • Counseling Before Marriage (3)
  • Counseling and Homosexuality (3)
  • Conflict Management & Counseling (3)
  • Sexual Ethics in Counseling (3)
  • Spirituotherapy (3)
  • Biblical Counseling Therapies I (3)
  • Biblical Counseling Therapies II (3)
  • The Bible and Recovery (3)
  • Equipping Counselors for Your Church (3)
  • Counseling and Spiritual Warfare (3)


  • Applied Research (3)
  • Readings in Christian Counseling (3)
  • Practicum in Christian Counseling (3)
  • Cooperative Education (3) 
  • Dissertation (Required) (15)


Total number of hours - 60