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Dr. Mark Conn


Mark Conn is the Vice President of LBU and divides his time between Shreveport and the picturesque Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri. With a career spanning over three decades in higher education, Mark has helped shape the minds and hearts of countless ministry students. His teaching portfolio encompasses a range of subjects, including Bible studies, Biblical Prophecy, Christian Ministry, Cultural Engagement, and Pastoral Studies. One of his foremost passions lies in guiding students to wrestle with the authentic message of the Bible, steering them away from interpretations based in cultural tradition. Mark is a sought-after contributor to various international publications, as well as radio programs and podcasts. His insights span an array of topics, from biblical prophecy to the intricate interplay between faith and culture, and even the enigmatic supernatural aspects within the pages of the Bible. In addition to his work in education, he has dedicated a significant portion of his career to church revitalization. Over the years he has worked with churches of various sizes and cultural settings to help them overcome challenges and reinvigorate their congregations. As a consultant in church revitalization, he has helped churches identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for growth, and implement effective outreach programs. He believes God’s desire is for every church to thrive, and he is committed to helping them fulfill the Great Commission. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mark boasts a diverse range of interests including writing, technology, cooking, old car restomodding, overlanding in a modified Jeep WJ, and embraces the title of a “coffee snob.”

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