Notable LBU Alumni

Since LBU began in 1973, there have been many men and women, from all over the world, 

who have excelled in their given fields of expertise.  These are just a few of our many notable alumni.

  • Paul Chappel

    Dr. Paul Chappel serves as Pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church as well as president of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster California. Dr. Chappell came to Lancaster in 1986 with a vision to build a great soul winning church and a bible college to train Christian workers.  Today West Coast Baptist College sits on a 61-acre campus and is one of the fastest growing Bible colleges in America.

  • Bob Cornuke

    Bob Cornuke president, Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (BASE). He is often called the “Real Indiana Jones.” Bob has appeared on CBS, NBC, MSNBC, 700 Club and Fox Television’s “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.” His searches include the Holy Land, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Look for his new books published by Tyndale. He is an adjunct speaker at LBU.

  • Keidra Hobley

    Keidra H. Hobley, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, trainer and life coach.  Kedra is a dynamic speaker and is a favorite in our LBU workshops.  She says, “It is our mission to develop people’s potential to help them to fulfill their purpose. It is our desire that everyone in our sphere of influence will know their calling, walk in it boldly and be used for the Kingdom and Glory of God."

  • Randall Kitchens

    Randall E. Kitchens is a 2001 graduate of LBU. He earned his PhD in Psychology and Christian Counseling.  Dr. Kitchens was the keynote speaker at the 2019 LBU Commencement Ceremony and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. He has faithfully served our country as an Air Force Chaplain since 1992. In 2020, he rose to the rank of Brigadier General and is serving as the Deputy Chief of Chaplains for the Department of the Air Force’s Air Force and Space Force at The Pentagon. 

  • Chuck Missler

    Chuck Missler, who went to be with the Lord in 2018, was a prolific author, and sought after prophecy speaker. Dr. Missler was the founder and past president of Koinonia House Ministries. He was one of the world’s authorities on “End Time Prophecy.” Dr. Missler was also a Naval Academy graduate who quickly rose to the upper ranks of the corporate world as CEO of several international high-tech corporations. He combined a background in intelligence, cryptanalysis and informational sciences with over 40 years of Biblical teaching and research. 

  • adrienne southworth

    Adrienne Southworth is a State Senator for Kentucky's seventh district. The Senator is a 2006 graduate of Louisiana Baptist University. With a B.A. from LBU she was admitted to the Mitchell-Hamline School of Law, where she is currently pursuing her J.D. She previously served as the Kentucky Lt. Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff before securing her state senate seat in 2020.