how it works

LBU offers both the benefits of structure to help you stay on track, moving toward your goals, and the flexibility to get an education around your busy schedule of work, family, and ministry.   The question is, how does it all work?  This page is designed to give you an overview of how students find structure and flexibility in the LBU environment.

How it works

M.O.O.D.L.E. - Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

Most LBU courses are accessed through our online learning platform, MOODLE. MOODLE is among the major digital learning platforms such as CANVAS and BLACKBOARD. Everything you need to know about your courses are found there. There, you will interact with the curriculum, interface with your instructor and classmates, upload assignments, and take exams.



LBU is moving to a Syncronous/Asyncronous model for all our coursework. The way LBU does education offers great flexibility within structure. Students can truly get their education based on their schedule.



Adjective. Existing or occurring at the same time.

For each degree program, students will take certain core classes in a synchronous format. This means they will take the courses online at the same as other students in a structure semester format. You will be able to participate in discussion forums and get feedback from your instructor without ever having to be in front of your computer at a certain day or time. Courses are split into seven, two-week modules where you will be able to complete the assigned reading, discussions and assignments any time during that two-week module day or night.


Adjective. Not existing or happening at the same time.

For the rest of each degree program students will take their courses in an asynchronous format. These courses can be started and finished at any time. The student works at their pace and according to their schedule. This allows even greater flexibility than the synchronous courses. Asyncronous courses can be completed at the students pace but must be completed within four months of their start date. 

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