exodus prison ministry - inverted degree program

Louisiana Baptist University is pleased to provide qualifying inmates with basic academic studies by mail that can lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies at minimal cost.  To qualify, a student must first successfully complete ALL 35 studies in the Exodus Prison Ministry Bible Correspondence School with no grade lower than 90.


LBU’s Exodus Prison Ministry is termed Inverted Degree Program because usually basic courses such as English, Math, and History are required at the beginning of a degree program.  Because of the intensity of the Exodus Bible studies, LBU has designed an Inverted Degree Program allowing students to take the core studies at the end of the Exodus studies at a cost less than regular non-prisoner rates.


To receive reduced rates, the student must start the program while incarcerated.  If the student has started but not completed the LBU studies before release, he/she may continue for ONE year at the reduced rate.  Those enrolling in LBU after release will pay regular rates.

For additional information please call (318) 686-2360 or email jfoster@lbu.edu.

Undergraduate program



  • English Composition I
  • English Composition II
  • Fundamental Math
  • History of US I
  • History of US II
  • God & Government
  • Science/Beginnings Under Attack
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Intro to Homiletics
  • Human Anatomy



Enrollment Fee                                $125.00

Cost Per Course                              $   75.00

Course Delivery Fee                        $175.00

Diploma/Graduation Fee                $200.00 (Due before Graduation)


AFTER a student has finished the Exodus Bible Study Course, send the following directly to LBU:

  • Completed application and other forms to enroll in LBU.
  • Official Transcript of studies from Exodus Prison Ministry.
  • $375 fee (This covers enrollment fee, course delivery fee, and the first course at LBU).



Those choosing to not go the Exodus Inverted BA Degree Program can still enter an LBU degree program at a discounted reduced cost of $55.00 per credit hour or $165.00 per course. All other costs are as listed. 

To enroll in the Inverted Degree Program, you must complete all requirements of the Exodus Prison Ministry Correspondence School.  If interested, contact Carol Jean Blakely at:

  • (806) 791-3673
  • cj-exodus@hotmail.com
  • P.O. Box 6363, Lubbock, TX 79493

graduate program


The Master of Arts Program is 36 semester credit hours consisting of 12 courses, one is a 25-page writing project. The Writing Project or Thesis must be typed. Requirements: Must have a Bachelor's Degree.


Enrollment Fee                                $125.00

Cost Per Credit Hour                      $65.00 ($195.00 per course)                     

Course Delivery Fee                        $175.00

Diploma/Graduation Fee                $200.00 (Due Before Graduation)


The Doctor of Philosophy Program is 60 semester credit hours. In the Doctorate program, all assignments including the dissertation must follow the requirements in the "Guidelines for Writing Assignments." This includes sub­mitting a typed and hardbound copy of the dissertation to LBU. Requirements: Must have a Master's Degree.



Enrollment Fee                               $125.00

Cost Per Credit Hour                      $75.00 ($225.00 per course)


Course Delivery Fee                       $175.00

Diploma/Graduation Fee               $200.00 (Due before Graduation)


Textbook costs are not included. If possible, check booksprice.com for textbooks.  Textbooks also can be purchased through AbeBooks.com and Amazon.com.

NO scholarships or grants are available through Exodus or LBU.  The student is responsible for all costs for the LBU work, including necessary supplies (including textbooks) and return postage.

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