children and family ministries

A vital part of a church ministry is its ability to minister to children. The value of a quality children's ministry cannot be overstated. It is a well-known fact that most people who come to know Jesus as their personal Savior do so before the age of 12. The goal of this department is to enhance the knowledge and skills of those working with children to impact the next generation of church leaders in creative and exciting ways. If you have a desire to learn more about Children and Family Ministries please contact us at 318-686-2360 or

School of Children and family ministries

AT THE CENTER OF THE EDUCATION PROGRAM AT LBU IS THE KNOWLEDGE THAT ALL TRUTH AND WISDOM COME FROM GOD. the purpose of the Children and Family Ministries department is to prepare students TO TEACH AND TRAIN CHILDREN in their local church to have a lasting personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  As a candidate for a degree in Children and Family Ministries, students will accrue a knowledge of God and His Word. The student will obtain a well-balanced liberal arts education while developing a mastery of the knowledge and skills of teaching and training to effectively lead children's ministries.


At the Associates level, students will be introduced to the knowledge and skills to be a part of a children's ministry that is creative, exciting, and innovative.


At the bachelors level, educational leaders will engage in projects that call for both academic knowledge and practical application. The academic challenges of this degree program will prepare students to be effective as teachers and as ministers to children and families.

Course offerings


General Education Requirements - 32 credit hours           

   Orientation - 2


   History - 6

   Math/Science - 6

   Social Studies/Geography - 6

Children’s Ministry Requirements - 33 credit hours

   Foundations of Children’s Ministry I - 3

   Foundations of Children’s Ministry II - 3

   Theology of Family Ministry - 3

   Communicating the Gospel to Children - 3

   Practical Children’s Ministry - 3

   Leadership in Children’s Ministry - 3

   Personal Evangelism - 3

   Teaching in Educational Ministries - 3

   Biblical Counseling for Every Christian - 3

   Church Ministry Elective - 3

   Cooperative Education - 3

Biblical Studies Requirements - 27 credit hours**

   Old Testament Survey - 3

   New Testament Survey - 3

   Theology/Bibliology - 3

   Christology/Pneumatology - 3

   Soteriology/Ecclesiology - 3

   Angelology/Eschatology - 3

   Apologetic -3

   Hermeneutics -3

   Biblical Worldview -3

Electives - 33 credit hours

Graduation Workshop - 3

        Total Hours: 128


**One More Bible course will constitute a double major in Bible